The Human Capital Infrastructure

Workforce Strategies, Inc. brings you to the frontier of human capital measurement. Our core universally applicable human capital intelligence is by company, industry, and geographic location. With over 25 years in human capital and 35 years in technology, we are the only company in the world who measures to this depth and detail. We measure the lowest units of human capital exchange in the workforce and workplace. Our data, content, analytics, and consulting are for workforce profiling; internal to external analysis; and workforce planning. In addition, we normalize your databases and synchronize them to put you on par with globally accepted reporting conventions. Our solutions include data, consulting, product development, and technology systems for embedding our infrastructure and analytics into your deliverables. For human capital planning, our forward thinking data and content are the future. Email or call us at: 845.876.9675

What the Human Capital Infrastructure Is:

Our human capital infrastructure is, uniquely, the internal intelligence of all human capital measurement. We’ve figured out things about the workforce that no one else has and have put the science, language, and core measurements for all human capital management into our forward-thinking human capital infrastructure. It is for evidence-based workforce profiling and planning, including for internal to external analysis – right down to lowest units of exchange in the workplace, workforce, and labor market.

Providing universally applicable core indicators – that cross continents; industries; systems; workplaces; technologies; countries; software;  platforms;  locations; and companies – this infrastructure puts the hard science, objectivity, and facts into workforce measurement and management. Its results are applicable to every module offered in any talent management and human resource system, plus, it provides facts and usable information for your day-to-day HR initiatives.

WhyWFSThe infrastructure is way more than a complement to your current human capital management software and human resource solutions. It is the necessary substructure for all factual human capital measuring and management. With its embedment of all global standards, norms, and systems − it houses the core fundaments. It is the underlying and necessary system for normalizes all workforce content and for producing and using universally applicable intelligence. For each and every company, it generates core, universal metrics and content by: workplace, industry (NAICS), workforce, and geographical location, with benchmarks. It is delivered by Workforce Strategies, Inc. through data files, analytics, reports, charts, graphs, maps and consulting services.

From your software solution to daily human resource initiatives, the human capital infrastructure creates and supplies metrics plus fixes databases to turn your dormant business intelligence into decision-making tools and revenue generators.

What the Human Capital Infrastructure Does:

Workforce Strategies, Inc. takes the whole, enormous universe of data about employers, people, skills, talent, geography, work, and workplace with thousands of other bits of information…and connects and measures to instantly tell about any workforce anywhere.

The infrastructure measures and delivers core universals that apply to each and every workforce and workplace. Aligned with science, language, depth and detail, our deep-dive findings about your workplace are crossed with industry and geographic data and profiles. For talent acquisition, succession management, compliance, workforce profiling; learning and competency building, performance management, compensation management, social collaboration and every other aspect of workforce management and planning, our norm-based human capital infrastructure deals only with facts.

Showing specific talent, skill, succession, education, R&D, preparedness, mobility, pay, diversity, performance, and other indicators – by workplace; workplace process including service and production; industry; and geographic location – the infrastructure is the underpinning of all human capital intelligence. For all functional areas of human resources, human capital management, and analytics – it measures and aligns any company’s existing internal business intelligence with the universal cores, providing human capital facts to HR specialists, financial professionals, and executives as strategic workforce planners.

There is no guesswork with the human capital infrastructure. With a high degree of reporting and comparability, the infrastructure only measures the fact-based cores. And, it delivers only their objective measurements. Because Workforce Strategies has simplified the enormous universe of workforce and workplace data, its infrastructure intuitively identifies, measures, and reports on only those cores that are most significant to your specific workplace.   
It delivers these pre-determined indicators showing fact, norm-based analytics such as skills, talent, knowledge, preparedness, and the other imperatives that drive your workplace performance. 

As the substructure of all human capital intelligence, our infrastructure and its resulting deliverables can co-exist and be used with your existing model, metrics, and human capital content in your current system. It can use all others’ measurements, calculations, and mathematical formulas, for examples, those proposed by SHRM’s for ANSI certification or those defined by the Australian government. Our infrastructure does not re-invent wheels, but goes deeper by putting the basic fundaments into talent management and then analyzing those core universals.

WFSgoesDeeperOur infrastructure allows you to zero in on very specific predictive measurements that are vital to workforce planning. For example, let’s say you’re a biotech company that wants to forecast and prepare for oncoming shifts in your biology capacity, a core knowledge indicator. Our infrastructure measures its flow in, out, and around your organization. For example, in the illustration at left you can see in using a SHRM staff measurement, we tell more about the "Approaching Retirement Eligibility". For profiling, developing, and deploying your biotech workforce, using this same staffing measurement, our infrastructure shows the "Attrition of Biology due to Approaching Retirement Eligibility". 

As a complete infrastructure, it transcribes, organizes, codifies, aligns, analyzes, allows for, and delivers universally applicable human capital measurements. Necessarily comprehensive, it is the ecosystem of fact-base universal fundaments – which scientifically can’t and don’t work alone.  Globally aligned, it solidly brings HR, financial professionals, and executives – with the facts – to the decision-makers table.